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After years of dedication in the wedding videographer Marbella I have to say that the day of your wedding is a very special day for you and me. It is a day in which many feelings are mixed. Nerves that are born weeks before the wedding and that every day that passes are bigger and bigger. And that happens in a beautiful day where these couples join creating a waste of emotions on the part of them and all their guests, and I thank you for being part of that day and to make your wedding videographer Marbella.My specialty is to capture emotional and natural moments without posados, to take you as you really are, without false or forced smiles, those are not you, you are natural, cheerful and spontaneous and that is what I am looking for, capturing a Wedding videographer Marbella in which you really feel identified.
I want to see you really smile, kiss you and hug you because you want to at that moment and I’ll get you the best video report you’ve seen so far.

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We work your wedding videographer Marbella with a unique cinematic look and documentary base, to get a dynamical and emotional video loaded with feelings.
If after seeing our wedding video works in Marbella you want to request our services we advise you to count with our wedding photography, since we are a team completely blended with years of experience and support in which we take care of every detail of your wedding to the millimeter. That everything comes out perfect.
Many clients choose to hire a photographer and a videographer separately and this is a big mistake, as each of them will want to take the best picture without caring about the other and will end up hampering their work and will probably get one in the shots. Another and vice versa breaking the magic of the moment.
Our wedding videographer in Marbella is the best memory you can have of the most important day of your lives.

​Wedding videographer Marbella. Our commitment.

You can see some of our videos made in recent years through the following link, in which we were lucky to be part of that special day of our boyfriends.
Not only do we make wedding videographer Marbella, we move throughout Spain and abroad. Here you can see a beautiful wedding that we made in 2016 in Ronda, a town that we fell in love with from the first moment.
So if you want to count on us to do a photo and video report of emotional, spontaneous and natural weddings, you can do so by contacting us on 680167881 or using the following contact form.
wedding videographer Marbella and Málaga
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