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Wedding photographer in Sotogrande

​As a wedding photographer in Sotogrande, I have to say that your wedding is a very important moment in your life, something that you have dreamed of as a child and that you will remember forever, and that my job is to keep that memory throughout Of the time so that every time you see a photo you can go back to live that special moment and feel those emotions that you felt again.To recreate these feelings and emotions through a photo and a video I need to see you as you are, I want you to be natural and spontaneous, I do not want poses, kisses or artificial hugs, I want to see you look at your partner as you always look at her, with I wish, with love and that you kiss her whenever you want and only then I will get you the most beautiful and emotional report that you can make a wedding photographer in Sotogrande.

If you are afraid of the cameras and you cut in front of them or you worry about how you will go out on the day of your wedding, do not worry, that’s what the pre-weddings are for. A day in which we will cross a beach, a field, a sunset, a town … and we will do a dynamical session in which you will lose the fear of the cameras and we will have the opportunity to know us, so on the day of your wedding you will be relaxed And you will be 2 authentic models. You can see some of our pre-wedding works in Tarifa or in pre-wedding in Málaga center where a few weeks before their wedding we made our boyfriends a beautiful report.

As a wedding photographer in Sotogrande I encourage you to a preboda in this beautiful town, since not only has its wonderful beaches but very close we have a panoramic of mountains with a perfect light to make photo sessions at sunset.

Wedding photographer in Sotogrande. Post-wedding.

Another great session that I usually perform as a wedding photographer in Sotogrande are the post-wedding. We know that the wedding day is all rush and sometimes does not give rise to making the report as extensive as it would have wanted, so for those adventurous boyfriends who were left wanting more, we offer a post-session, without haste and Without the hassles of the wedding. An afternoon when you do not care about messing up your wedding dresses and we can do some shocking photos on the beach or mountain without fear of anything. So as a wedding photographer in Sotogrande I recommend a beautiful post-wedding session so that your memory is complete.

Wedding photographer in Sotogrande. Photo and video.

Not only do we report as a wedding photographer in Sotogrande, we also do wedding videography. In the following link you can see some of our works.
A documentary and emotional videography that tries to capture the naturalness of the couple.
If you want to make an appointment with us you can do it through the following link or call us at 68017881 and we will be happy to hear your story.
Not only do I work as a wedding photographer in Sotogrande, we work all over Spain and we have a photography studio in Benalmádena where we will be delighted to welcome you.

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